VCC on the list approved by PARP certification / accreditation / standards for lending credibility to development services provided by entities applying for entry in the Register of Development Services (RUR).

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development announced a new, shortened list of accreditations given to Entities providing development services (training companies, advisory etc.) that will be introduced to the reliability criterion No. 5 in the Entity Charter. A verified and published list of 11 standards includes VCC accreditation, granted to companies providing development services within the VCC System of Education and Certification (called correspondingly the Academy of Education and Examination Partner).
The existing market standards were verified by external experts selected in a competition as well as by means of public consultations. They were evaluated according to four criteria:

1. Type of activity – is given / awarded exclusively to Development Service Providers.
2. Accessibility – is available after meeting the objective, clearly defined and publicly available (in particular, published on the website of the organization issuing the document) criteria relating to:
a) the process of service development, including the definition of customer needs, the compliance of the service with customer needs, evaluation and monitoring of development services
b) The entity management, including planning, organizing and controlling of activities in the process of providing development services.
3. Cyclicity – its maintenance depends on the documented results of surveys conducted regularly and periodically by an external body to the Entity or by the Entity in the self-assessment form.
4. Reliability – exists on development services market, in the form described in paragraphs 1-3, for at least one year from the date of issue of the first document.
Compliance with these requirements and inclusion of VCC accreditation in the Entity Charter means that companies with VCC Partner status, applying for inclusion in the RUR, will receive 5 points in the criterion of credibility. It should also be mentioned that among the approved standards, VCC is the only accreditation, which comprehensively covers all types of services and developments as well as provides a complete process of evaluation. Detailed information on the conditions for obtaining VCC accreditation can be found at and