• Secure Business – certified Information Security Officers in SMEs

    Project is implemented under Lifelong Learning, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation. Its main objective of the project which belongs to the Lifelong Learning Programme is to provide SMEs with knowledge on Information Security based on the partners previous experience, and requirements of certified blended learning training. This will be achieved through transferring innovative training solutions based on INESEMOT experience (training curricula, e-learning scenarios) and transfer Vocational Certification System certifying competences of both trainers and trainees. These two items will be used to prepare a modern, up-to-date training comprising up-to-date knowledge, specific requirements scope of issues that are necessary in a job of Information Security professional in SMEs. The training materials from INSEMOT project will be transferred to from Austria to Poland, Greece and Bulgaria. VCC Foundation is an expert body responsible for adjusting course programme to the VCC methodology.

  • Teaching creativity in engineering

    The goal of this project is to implement new tools which will be usefull in formal and informal education and increase awareness about cognitive processing and social communication among teachers and students. Engagement of large group of teachers is a guarantee that the project will have the influence on general value of education. The project is realised by Syntea JSC in partnership with 7 institutions from Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Spain. The result will be development and pilotage of new courses and creating an e-learning platform for teaching creativity in engineering in accordance with VCC certification. VCC Foundation is responsible for the course accreditation.