Our activity

VCC-Foundation_logoVCC Foundation undertakes and conducts research and development activities within vocational education as well as transferring knowledge and innovation by using intellectual capital resources.

Activity of VCC Foundation focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of continuing vocational education as well as certifying professional qualifications, especially in the informal and non-formal systems.

The main objective of VCC Foundation is to observe and analyse trends and changes occurring on the labour market as well as to examine demand for specific professions and competences. VCC Foundation is a promoter of lifelong learning, continuing education and occupational mobility of employees. By organizing consultations, conferences or social debates, it directly develops, promotes and popularizes them.

A uniform and consistent system of certifying professional qualifications, i.e. a VCC certification system, results from Foundation’s work.

The main tasks of VCC Foundation:

  • monitoring needs of the global labour market,
  • monitoring the demand for new professions and competences,
  • specifying professional competences for new professions,
  • testing and implementing new solutions implemented within vocational education,
  • indicating directions for and methods of vocational education,
  • certifying professional competences in a uniform way compliant with national and European directives within this scope.


Supporting development of vocational training and promotion of cooperation between formal, informal and non formal education for mobility and lifelong learning.

VCC Foundation obtains also a status of VCC Regional Academy. Its aim is to research, analyse and evaluate regional labour market needs and prepare vocational education syllabi meeting regional labour markets needs. Regional Academy translates training materials into course participants’ native languages.

raRegional Academy accredits:

  • Education Academies,
  • Examination Partners,
  • VCC Coaches,
  • VCC Examiners,
  • VCC Examination Systems Operators,
  • VCC Careers Advisers
  • VCC Business Specialists

Regional Academy supervises theoretical and practical examinations and awards certificates. It also supports Educational Academies and Examination Partners.