Between 18-22 of April 2016 representatives of VCC Foundation went to Netherlands for a job shadowing visit which was organised by the training company Endurance. The aim of the visit was to become familiar with the Dutch Vocational Education System.

As part of the visit, representatives of VCC Foundation visited Ministry of Education and SBB, governmental agency which is responsible for the entire vocational education. They went also to Corendon Hotel in Amsterdam (part of Corendon Hotels & Resorts), which constantly cooperates with vocational schools and offers internships. Corendon Hotels & Resorts owns first training hotel which provides practical and professional training to students. During the visit, representatives of VCC Foundation visited also vocational schools among others: ROC Horizon College in Purmerend, ID College in Zoetermeer, Hotelschool in Wageningen and also vocational higher school Hoogeschool in Rotterdam.

As a result, VCC Foundation obtained information about: the Dutch regulations of the education system, validation and certification of competencies and principles for quality assurance of qualification. Gained information will allow to increase the quality of training and certification.

Job shadowing visit was completed within the project „Wzrost potencjału certyfikacji VCC dzięki współpracy międzynarodowej”, which is funded by Erasmus+.