Between 19-23 of October 2015 the representatives of VCC Foundation went to Italy to visit ENAIP foundation in the Lombardy region. The aim of the visit was the realization a job shadowing within Erasmus+ programme.

ENAIP Lombardy was created in 1951 as a department of ENAIP foundation to organize and conduct courses aimed at preventing and reducing unemployment. ENAIP has 27 accredited training centers that offer courses and vocational training as part of both the formal and informal/non-formal system. Moreover, ENAIP has 22 training units that provide services related to employment and the labour market.

During the visit, representatives of VCC Foundation visited the headquarters ENAIP Lombardy in Milan and a department in Cantú. They went also to the Porro company (furniture industry), BLM Group (engineering) and the Vocational Training Centre in Como.

As a result, VCC Foundation obtained information about: the Italian regulations of the education system, validation and certification of competencies and principles for quality assurance of qualification. Gained information will allow to increase the quality of training and certification.