vcc entrepreneurs

VCC-FUNDACJA_logo_PRZEDSIEBIORCA_GB Status can be obtained by following institutions:

  • employers,
  • enterpreneurs,
  • branch association,
  • other institutions.

Cooperates during the development of apprenticeships and job placements curricula which respond to the real needs of the job market. Thanks to this, people who complete a full VCC training cycle, and then want to use their qualifications in the real work environment, are prepared comprehensively for a new job.

Involving employers in the education process is at the same time another step towards integrating all form of education under the VCC system: formal (received in schools and universities), non-formal (conducted by training institutions, guilds, crafts) and non-formal (learning by experiencing and practice).

Costs of partnership
Type of payment Amount
Entrepreneurs don’t provide any payments for participation in VCC structure 0 EUR