VCC Foundation has managed to complete the project „The increase in the potential of the VCC certification through international cooperation” number 2015-1-PL01-KA102-016026, which was realised within the Erasmus+ programme. During the realisation of the project the representatives of the VCC Foundation did job shadowing study visits to four European countries in order to become familiar with the existing traditions, standards and procedures in vocational education especially in the area of informal and non-formal education.

The purpose of the study prepared within the project has been to demonstrate the impact which the realisation of the project had on increasing quality and substantive value of the trainings and exams offered within VCC system allowing people to acquire and certify vocational qualifications. The adjustment of citizens’ qualifications to the expectations of labour market is of great importance for the improvement of the competitiveness, employability and social coherence of the European Union, which is compatible with the main goal of the strategy Europe 2020 (The Communicate of European Commission 2010), namely achieving intelligent, steady growth favourable for social inclusion. During the realisation of the project four study visits took place: in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

During the visits the participants were focused on of following elements:

  • training/vocational courses programmes,
  • building and functioning of Coach/Trainer Training programmes,
  • techniques for working with a group,
  • validation procedures (including legal aspects of validation and certification in visited countries).

Acquired knowledge will allow VCC Foundation to increase quality and substantive value of VCC system on the basis of Partners’ experience. The expertise of vocational validation and certification systems in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and France will have a positive impact on further development of VCC system.

You are kindly invited to study the report.