Presentation of VCC system in Croatia

The 11th of June in Zagreb (Croatia) will have place a public presentation of VCC system organised in cooperation with partners Syntea from Poland and Cognita from Croatia.

First quarter with doubled number of partners

First three months of 2014 initiated a cooperation between VCC Foundation and 20 training companies and educational institutions who introduced vocational courses in VCC system.

New competences in VCC system

During last month VCC Foundation finished works on new VCC modules developement (from the area of Select Competences). Their were created in cooperation with partners who have many years experience in vocational training in this area.

VCC certification available in CEE countries

VCC system is successfully implemented in another European countries. Partners from Turkey, Romania, Serbia and Croatia jointed a circle of Academies of Education.

The Educational Research Institute (IBE) presents report which includes VCC

The Educational Research Institute (IBE) which is responsible for creating and implementing National Qualifications Framework, released the report ‘From competences to qualifications – the diagnosis of solutions and practices in the area of validation of learning effects’ in which it presented and evaluated the systems of competence validation that exist in Poland and other European […]

A New Type of Partner joins VCC Community – VCC Enterpreneur

VCC Foundation developed a new type of partner in its structures. They are employers, who, after becoming acquainted with the idea of the VCC system “From training to employment”, cooperate in the area of apprenticeships and job placements for students and the unemployed who attend VCC courses.

Finishing the VCC pilotage period

The pilotage stage of VCC implementation – a system involving education and certification of professional competencies – guiding by the VCC Institute administered by Humaneo was officially ended.

VCC on 6th Nationwide Labor Market Institutions Forum in Kołobrzeg

The forum was opened by Tomasz Pantera – Director of Centrum Studiów Samorządowych in Tarnów – the multiannual organizer of this event. After that, Mr Andrzej Martynuska – Director of Labour Office in Cracow – gave a lecture about friendly and effective cooperation between county labour offices, employment agencies, training companies and other institutions pursuant […]

VCC Certificate with Europass logo

We are happy to announce that we have received permission from the Foundation for the Development of Education – National Europass Centre – to use the Europass logo on VCC certificates. Europass is an initiative of the European Commission to allow every citizen of Europe to present their skills in a better way. It includes […]

Presentation of the VCC Standard during Career days Aiesec in Rzeszow

The VCC training and certification system found its audience among the crowd. The students became aware of the need of training that in the future will enable them to find employment. They also analyzed VCC structure and suggested education paths. Definitely the most popular was the offer of internship and education on Cyprus. The event […]

The meeting about deregulation of professions: Parliament of The Republic of Poland

The meeting focused on dangers imposed by proposed solutions. Wide liberalization of rules enabling performance of certain jobs that require specialized knowledge, higher education, and rich work experience caused the biggest controversy. The acceptance of proposed law will lower the quality of service and in some cases can cause health problems or threat to life. […]

A bid for training in the VCC standard

Jan Klemens Branicki Elementary School no 47 in Białystok has made a bid for organizing and carrying out training within the VCC standard. This covers organizing and carrying out the Vocational Competence Certificate training and exams for 60 students of Jan Klemens Branicki Elementary School no. 47 in Białystok. / Training will contain 40 didactic […]

Registration complete

Thank you for your interest in our conference. We would like to inform you as all places are now full, registration has closed. We encourage all interested in the conference to contact us via registration form, telephone or e-mail. Address all your questions to: , 722 158 619, 18 547 70 70, All […]

The Ministry of National Education gives honourable patronage to the conference “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy”

The conference concerns the validation of education and qualifications similar to the activities of the Ministry of National Education activities. The conference will be devoted to aspects of learning gained in an informal or non-formal system of education. Detailed information is available via telephone: 722-158-691 or 18 547-70-70, on our website, or via e-mail. Address […]

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs gives honourable patronage to the conference “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy”

We would like to mention that the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs – Mr. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz gave honourable patronage to the conference “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy”. We would also like to mention that registration for the conference is available until 31st January 2012. The registration period may become […]

New vocational education basis

On 4th January 2012, the Minister of National Education- Krystyna Szumilas signed a regulation for new vocational education. It comes into force in September 2012. The regulation will bring about changes in vocational education and customize it to the contemporary labour market requirements. The new basis of education basis will introduce vocational knowledge and abilities, […]

The Polish Confederation of Private Employers LEWIATAN gives honourable patronage to the conference “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 strategy”.

The Polish Confederation of Private Employers LEWIATAN gives honourable patronage to the conference “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 strategy”. The Polish Confederation of Private Employers LEWIATAN (PKPP LEWIATAN) endeavours to increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy and the success of Polish enterprises. It consists of 3500 companies and 60 trade […]

Information for trainers who conduct the VCC training and exams

In response to several questions, we would like to mention that all institutions which possess the status of VCC Academy of Education or institutions interested in obtaining such a status, are required to fulfil all procedural requirements necessary to hold authorized VCC training. The requirements are as follows: Training is conducted by an authorized unit […]

“New technologies – the future of vocational education” conference in Chełm

On 16th December 2011 in Stanislaw Staszic Vocational Complex School no. 5 in Chełm (Lubelskie Province), the conference ?New technologies ? the future of vocational education? was held. The event was organized by the head office and teachers of this school. Within the conference, projects such as: “Vocational education becoming closer to new technologies” and […]

VCC training in Łódź

In the Pope John Paul 2nd Complex School in Łódź, the project “The School of Development and Competences” has begun. 1 200 pupils are involved with this project. Training is being carried out within the VCC standard and covers a New Competence module – Office Worker, and a Select Competences module – Computer Aided Designing […]

The conference concerning a professional mobility

Humaneo has a pleasure to invite for a conference: “Vocational mobility within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy” The goal of the conference is to present and discuss: Assumptions of the Europe 2020 Strategy in education and labour markets Regulation results from the European Union directives concerning the confirmation of non-formal qualifications including European […]

Christmas Gifts for you!

You are welcome to visit our profile on Facebook. You can win the VCC calendar for the year 2012. Join the VCC community and get a gift! More details: Drawing of gifts and results will be available on 6th December on Facebook. Good luck!

“Mobility as a way of gaining and developing competences – from junior to senior”

From 17-19th October 2011, the conference “Mobility as a way of gaining and developing competences – from junior to senior” was held in Sopot. Representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission, members of the Lifelong Learning Programme Committee and “Youths in Action”, CEDEFOP experts, representatives of National educational and youth EU agencies, non-governmental […]

The Conference within the framework of Polish Presidency in the European Union.

On 28-29th September 2011 at Warsaw University a conference was held within the framework of the Polish Presidency in the European Union. It was called “Language competences as a way to professional and social success in Europe”. The subject of the conference concerned language competences in professional work and social life. During the first day, […]

Cooperation with the Society of Polish Electricians

On 23rd September a ceremony of signing the Letter of Intent between the Society of Polish Electricians and the VCC Institute was conducted by Humaneo Association. The idea of this cooperation is based on the general statute’s goals relating to the confirmation of vocational qualifications. Signing the letter of intent had been preceded by several […]