Increasing demand for EU Funds Specialists with VCC certificates in Serbia and Croatia

First successfully implemented certified courses and VCC examinations in the ares of EU Funds Specialist took place in Serbia. CPS Academy Belgrade who is accredited Academy of Education provided training for future employees and independent contractors of new Office for EU funds Procurement under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Issues.

The participants of the course, thanks to the module localisation, had a possibility to develop their skills and pass an examination in mother tongue. One of the participants who works as a consultant for many of the municipalities for projects going towards the EU was tested for EU Funds Specialist trainer.

The Ministry of Labor’s recognition of the need for trained EU Funds Specialists is a grand step for the entire country, and a grander step for VCC in Serbia. This has given us recognition at the federal government level as an educational authority in the country for this training.  We expect that as other ministries will be sending candidates for this training as their offices for procurement come to function.  We also expect, as a result of our cooperation with the Ministry, that local municipalities and regional offices will recognize the benefit of having a VCC-trained EU Funds Specialist on staff– comments Anđelija Tanasijević, CoFounder of CPS Academy Belgrade.

In Croatia in cooperation with local partner – Cognita company, first courses for EU Funds Specialists will be launched in September. Currently we’re in the last stage of the process of module translation and localisation.