How to become a VCC Examiner

  1. In order to undergo accreditation process, candidates must send registration documents Examiner to VCC Foundation:, no later than 7 business days before planned accreditation. Please include the title: “Accreditation of VCC Examiner” Application must include the VCC form (attached), candidate’s CV and documents confirming candidate’s skills (scans of diplomas, references, and certificates).
  2. If the opinion is positive, candidate receives access data to e-learning platform as well as information on the planned accreditation. If, however, the opinion is negative, the accreditation process is terminated.
  3. The e-learning platform includes presentation of the VCC system as well as tests verifying candidate’s knowledge of the VCC system and of the area that will be taught by the candidate.
  4. Before taking examination, candidates must pay accreditation fee.
  5. Within 30 days from the moment of receiving access to the e-learning platform, candidates must become familiar with its content and pass appropriate tests.
  6. In order to obtain accreditation, it is necessary to complete a profession-specific test (no less than 90%) and a test verifying knowledge on the VCC standard (no less than 60%). After successful accreditation, candidates become Accredited VCC Examiner. This is confirmed by a certificate and a supplement with a list of competences that can be tested by the accredited Examiner.
  7. VCC Examiner certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issuing.
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