VCC Examiner

VCC Examiners are individuals who are responsible for conducting practical part of vocational examination, which is a necessary condition for acquiring VCC New Competences or VCC Select Competences certificates.

In order to become a VCC Examiner within a particular profession, one must fulfil requirements defined by Careers Experts and including:

  • material competence,
  • professional experience,
  • personality features,
  • other important elements characteristic of specific professions or competences.

The Examiner supervises the execution of practical tasks taking place in a location that has been prepared in accordance with the rules and
procedures. The description of an examiner post and the mode of conducting a professional exam concerns:

  • The equipment necessary to carry out tasks
  • A description of the means of carrying out tasks
  • Important elements for the individual professions

The time of a practical exam is defined individually for each profession, but it cannot be shorter than 45 minutes and longer than 180 minutes. The set of practical tasks is defined by the Professional Experts. The practical tasks contain elements of the merits of competences group including psychological and IT elements.

The Examiner is supposed to inform the proper Regional Academy about the practical exam at least 7 days in advance of the planned exam.

Costs of partnership
Type of payment Amount
Cost of Examiner accreditation 125 EUR