How to become an Examination Partner

The status of Examination Partner can be obtained by: schools, higher education institutions, continuing education institutions, training companies, employers and other entities.

THE PROCEDURE OF Examination Partner accreditation:

  1. Fill in an Application form for Examination Partner and send it on email adress:
  2. Signing a licence agreement for one year period and in a case of application also for the Academy of Education signing a Declaration of the division of training and examination processes.
  3. Accreditation of minimum one VCC Examiner from one VCC module and VCC Examination System Operator.
  4. After meeting procedural requirements, Examination Partner receives a certificate with a supplement including a list of professional examinations that can be delivered by particular Partner.
  5. Licence payment.
Documents for download
VCC Aplication form for Examination Partner Download
Declaration of the division of training and examination processes Download