On 13.11.2023, Lublin will host an industry conference dedicated to, among other things, the needs of the modern business services sector, the use of AI in the development of employee competencies, multiculturalism in team management and the automation of business processes. The event is an initiative of the City of Lublin in partnership with the Sectoral Competence Council Modern Business Services.

During the conference, the organisers will attempt to define and determine what competences of the future will be desired in employees in the near and more distant future. They will also answer the question: how can we start adapting today to the constantly evolving changes and anticipate certain trends in order to be adequately prepared for them?

Piotr Fałek – Chairman of SRK NUB will chair a panel discussion for industry entrepreneurs entitled. “Is it true that ordinary businesspeople can make a living with good imitation, but innovators are most generously rewarded?”. Monika Borycka, a renowned trendresearcher, innovation analyst and future studies specialist, will be the special guest of the event and will deliver a power speech. The list of all speakers is available HERE. The event will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences on this topic and to present the best case studies of competence and entrepreneurship development projects implemented by municipalities from all over Poland.