Website development

web constructionThis competence is aimed at future developers and individuals interested in designing websites. The course is planned in a way that allows even complete beginners with no experience to quickly and effortlessly understand the basic aspects of developing websites and apply them in practice. The entire course is based on open-source software. Due to this, costs of learning and organizing one’s own workspace and work tools are minimized to the largest possible extent. The acquired skills are great basis for using commercial software. The main emphasis is placed on fundaments of creating website graphics, since from an average user’s point of view, it is the first noticeable trait of a website. Next, a course participant learns HTML language, which is applied in developing websites. The next stage consists of familiarizing with cascading style sheets (CSS) that complement the HTML language and are indispensable elements of developing and editing websites. The course includes elements of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and search engine optimization.

Selected course elements:

  • website graphics,
  • HTML language,
  • cascading style sheets.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination

Available in languages

  • HR, PL