Waiter service

festlich gedeckter TischThe duties of a waiter include a professional and complex customer service at various eating places, as well as occasional parties, congresses, conferences, exhibitions, banquets, and other meetings. A waiter prepares also the workplace, serves the dishes and beverages to the guests. Other important duties of the waiter are: advising and informing the customer about given meals and drinks, using equipment and devices needed for service, setting the tables, receiving payments.

This course is addressed to people, who want to work as a waiter or waitress and contains the following topics:

• planning meals and arranging a simple menu,
• setting tables and rooms for guests,
• organizing parties, events and caterings,
• giving advices and information about menu, nutritional values and preparation methods,
• supplying food and drinks as requested and full customer service,
• preparing the bills and financial documentation, collect payments from customers,
• hotel guests service,
• cooperating with staff and other waiters and waitresses,
• controlling the expiration dates of food,
• organizing the workplace.

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