Voice emission

Singing girl.Voice emission is a process of emitting voice during speaking or singing. Voice emission is an intellectual and physical activity. That means that creating sound is not only a mechanic activity performed by particular organs and muscles. Intellectual character of voice emission means it is a conscious and intentional activity dependent on our nervous system. The nervous system is a source of movements and it makes conscious muscle movement coordination possible.

Voice emission is based on the work of single muscles. While learning voice emission, we explore and learn new impulses. We create voice habits. We learn new ways of using muscles movements, coordinating them as well as regulating their proper tension and relaxation. Voice emission is a resultant of breathing, phonation, resonance and articulation. These combined activities are the subject of interest during learning the proper voice emission. Voice emission learning process includes such elements as articulation, moving from one register to another, changing voice dynamics and pitch. Proper voice emission is especially useful for people who need to strain their voice in every day work and for whom the proper voice emission is the key element of profession Using voice skilfully is necessary for each person who professionally deals with convincing listeners to opinions, products, services or ideas. The proper voice emission makes one’s voice sound stronger, more reliable, and does not require a lot of effort at longer speeches or dialogues. Voice is treated as a professional tool which, while used properly, improves our image and simultaneously provides us with an opportunity to express our individuality in a better way.

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