The quality of service in tourism

Easy online holiday planningThe scope of training covers lecture classes and exercises in quality of service in tourism, for purpose to acquisition of skills in the range of professional customer service. After course completion participant has abilities allowing customer service on a high level. He is versed in techniques supporting sales and negotiations, he has extended communication skills, and thanks to acquaintance of business etiquette, he knows how to behave in particular situations, both on the national and international levels. The participant learns the specifics of tourism services, has a knowledge about techniques of measuring its quality. He knows how to analyse customer needs and how to match service to his needs and preferences. The participant knows commonly effective quality norms and European trend in range of tourism services. He also gains skills in range of leadership and management.

VCC certificate holder in range of the quality of service in tourism is prepared to perform the following tasks:

  • conducting a professional analysis of customer needs, active listening,
  • negotiations with customer, using various sales techniques,
  • recognising basic non-verbal signals sent by customer,
  • affecting on customer’s attitude,
  • implementing elementary principles of team management,
  • running professional correspondence and telephoning,
  • appropriate behavior in international area,
  • professional customer service in hotel industry and gastronomy,
  • customer profiling,
  • embracing and settling complaint,
  • evaluation and testing quality of provided services.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination

Available in languages

  • BG, PL