The computer and Internet in technology

Komputer i Internet w zawodach technicznych_popActivities involved in this field are essential in almost each part of human existence, regardless of age, nationality or social status of individual people. In the era of commonly used information and communication techniques, finding information is essential for functioning on the specific level. Organising, selecting and saving incoming information properly become an invaluable skill that can immensely make one’s work more effective and efficient. Additionally, this may directly or indirectly make somebody else’s work easier. During performing any professional work, computer and Internet skills are so common and widespread that people who do not demonstrate such competences are practically excluded from professional and private life.

Having computer and Internet skills is an advantage that will provide the training participants with an opportunity to learn the subject area allowing them to acquire the following competences:

  • Skilful browsing, searching, organising and segregating information found in the Internet.
  • Using electronic mail (sending, receiving, forwarding and replying e-mails, managing incoming mail in e-mail client software).
  • Being well acquainted with files and folder system and organising the saved data.
  • Searching information about files and folders, creating and handling them in a proper way as well as developing good habits in using computer hardware and software.
  • Construction of the computer and its connections with other parts – basics.

All the above mentioned skills, while combined with each other, create a symmetric, uniform standard that becomes an essential skill within competences of all professions practised in compliance with current trends and global market needs.

Number of training hours

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