Office software in administration

collageUsing office software is a skill useful not only for office employees but also individuals who would like to improve efficiency of their actions. Working with text files is a greatly important activity undertaken by all the employees writing descriptions, manuals, studies, papers, etc. Being familiar with the rules of working with text documents has become an extremely useful skill in such situations. Working with multimedia presentation is not only an easy, but also an efficient method of presenting one’s ideas, products, etc. Spreadsheet is a perfect tool for preparing statistics, budget or summing up receivables. It makes calculations easier, quicker and more reliable.

Selected course elements:

  • fundamental information on databases,
  • storing and processing information in databases,
  • editing and formatting texts, using templates,
  • spreadsheets,
  • importing, sorting and filtering data,
  • computational and conditional functions,
  • fundaments of creating slides, applying effects and colours,
  • using formatted texts, colours, patterns and pictures in slides as well as saving them as various graphic formats,
  • converting graphics into drawing object; editing images
  • using graphs and diagrams in presentations, editing and formatting them,
  • presentation management – monitoring slide shows,
  • managing electronic mail clients,
  • netiquette.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination