Multimedia in advertising

Multimedia w reklamie_popIn the era of constant development and increasing demand for improving skills and, consequently, of everyday needs and the needs resulting from market trends, the acquired competences regarding vector and raster graphics and its professional appliance, e.g. in printing, becomes more and more popular.

Such techniques as creating materials for publishing, composing visual identity marks as well as advertising elements are frequently used by numerous companies taking care of their image and advertising. Moreover, modifying and retouching photographs, highlighting specific elements and using graphic filters are immensely common operations implemented by great number of professionals.

Various multimedia techniques (graphics, sound, movie, animation) applied both in professional and amateur fields regarding montage, processing graphics and sound as well as creating animations, correcting and separating multimedia materials are indispensable elements of our contemporary everyday life.

Demonstrating skills in such fields as multimedia and computer graphics is an advantage that will allow the course participants to master the following competences:

  • Theory of computer graphics
  • Techniques of working with raster graphics and its purpose
  • Techniques of working with vector graphics and its purpose
  • Using tools within software for processing raster graphics
  • Using tools within software for processing vector graphics
  • Multimedia aspects of everyday life
  • Using multimedia elements and their modification
  • Multimedia tools and equipment applied in everyday life

All the above mentioned skills, while combined with each other, create a symmetric, uniform standard that becomes an essential skill within competences of numerous professions practised in compliance with current trends and global markets needs.

Number of training hours

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