Menedżer_popThe word „manager” itself contains many issues related to management process. Being a good manager takes a lot of components and knowledge in different fields. The most important is the ability of interpersonal communication, which is a foundation of other disciplines essential to management, such as public speech, negotiations, or psychological aspects of work with others.

The essence of this course is a practical approach to the management. At the end of this course participants will have high interpersonal and management skills, supported by extensive knowledge and skills in this field.

The manager should:

• communicate effectively,
• know how to use the means of a verbal and nonverbal communication,
• understand the self-presentation and public speaking process,
• have the ability of active listening,
• describe the four temperaments,
• describe the psychological aspects of human resources management,
• set the goals in accordance with the SMART method,
• know how to plan and organize the work of the team,
• manage the team and resolve conflicts.

This course is addressed to: managers or people, who want to be promoted, as well as employees, they want to develop and learn more about management and human resources management.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination