First aid

Teen Girl Practices CPRGiving first aid is a greatly responsible activity since other people’s life and health depend on skilful administration of the first aid. Experts in lifesaving and the first aid have created guidelines for this competence.

 Participants of the VCC FIRST AID training will possess skills and knowledge in: using protection equipment, assessing potential dangers threatening themselves and the rescued victims, carrying out illness assessment, placing a victim in a recovery position, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures with adults, children and infants, operating automated external defibrillators (AED), giving first aid in health emergencies, applying dressing materials, immobilizing victims with suspicion of spine injuries, applying proper procedures in case of thermal, chemical, electrical burns, evacuation methods, and skills in dealing with stress during rescue actions.

 VCC FIRST AID training includes the following aspects:

  • organizing medical rescue,
  • fundaments of human anatomy and physiology,
  • safety in giving first aid,
  • calling for help,
  • performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures and defibrillation,
  • life-threatening situations,
  • damages, and chemical, thermal, electrical injuries,
  • evacuation from dangerous areas,
  • giving accident victims psychical support
  • mass events.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination