Entrepreneurship – Basic Economics for non-economists

The training on “Entrepreneurship – Basic Economics for non-economists” is addressed to students for whom Economics is not a part of their curriculum and adults who want tobusiness people learn the basics of Economics. During the training, the participants will obtain the information necessary to understand the range of economic phenomena and mechanisms of their practical use.

In particular, as a result of the training the participant will acquire competence for the following scope:

  • Basic vocabulary in the field of Economics,
  • Consumer purchasing decisions,
  • Production decisions of entrepreneurs, including the issue of profitability,
  • Economic equilibrium and other microeconomic issues,
  • National accounts and basic assumptions of macroeconomic policies,
  • Basic issues in the area of public finance,
  • Business cycle and other macroeconomic issues,
  • Organization of the Polish banking system,
  • History of the Polish banking sector,
  • Banking products designed for individual customers,
  • Knowledge of financial markets,
  • Knowledge of the debt securities markets,
  • Knowledge of the ownership of the securities markets,
  • Knowledge of the derivatives,
  • Basics of financial analysis,
  • Analysis of the relationship between different sectors of the economy and how they interact as well as their interaction channels.

The acquisition of these competencies provides a basis for:

  • Critical analysis of economic data,
  • Independent and critical evaluation of political decisions and their impact on the state of the economy,
  • Assessment of the market potential of the project, including aspects such as a minimum level of sales, factors determining supply and demand etc.,
  • Comparisons of banking services at the conditions offered by individual banks,
  • The start of the process and the investment capital and money markets.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination