Employement intermediary services

Serious business team during a brainstorming in a meeting roomEmployment’s agents perform tasks associated with the demand and supply of a labor market. They get the job’s offers from the employers and send them to the proper candidates. They watch for the proper selection of employees for the right job’s offers, according to candidates’ references. They choose the employees who fit right to the given job, regardless of their unemployment or desire to change their previous workplace. The employment’s agents use their knowledge about the marketplace, recruitment and this particular profession. They go by the rules of professional client service, good communication and negotiation. They also keep working on their professional growth and improving their skills and knowledge of a present marketplace, acts of regulations. Being close to the marketplace, they play a huge role in VCC Foundation because of their adviser’s skills.

The Vocational Competence Certificate for Employment agency is valid for 5 years.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination