Computer aided design CAD 2D and 3D

Contemporary architectureComputer aided design CAD, is widely used in engineering and general industry. It is difficult to imagine creating any element, e.g. screws, car parts, computers or any other objects, from advertising billboards to houses, bridges and warehouses, without designing them previously in cad environment. There is a high demand for cad 2D and 3D specialists in the industry and numerous design studios. Due to this fact, such professionals have tremendous opportunities for professional career and development. Computer aided CAD 2D and 3D design is aimed at acquiring knowledge that will allow the course participants to effectively and efficiently prepare and design cad projects within cad environment.

The aims of the training:

  • Possessing skills in customizing CAD software
  • Developing skills in designing complete spatial and flat technical drawings
  • Increased effectiveness and optimised work thanks to learning advanced 2D and 3D techniques

Number of training hours

  • Suggested number of hours - 60

Duration of examination

  • 35 minutes - theoretical part
  • 60 minutes - practical part

Computer aided design CAD 2D and 3D

  • Author: Tomasz Owsianka (red.)
  • Publisher: VCC Foundation
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Computer aided design has a broad use in the construction and industry. Elements such as: bolts, automotive parts, computer elements, buildings constructions. The publication is dedicated to the people who start their work in the AutoCad environment and for the users who have only basic knowledge in this area. The material includes the elements of knowledge about technical documentation, creation and object’s edition, dimensioning and printing.

This book contains preparatory materials for the VCC Select Competences Computer aided design CAD 2D and 3D. Thanks to them you can prepare yourself for an VCC examination.