Coaching is the process of promoting the development and consolidation of skills with the help of a second person – a coach – through observation, establishing goals and objectives, providing regular feedback and training new behaviors.

The most simplified definition says that it is a process that aims to help people achieve overall better productivity. It’s also the main objective of education. Thanks to this course participants will gain knowledge and skills concerning preparation and implementation of coaching in organizations, but also about using them in the context of current duties in the company and implementation of changes. This is a chance to understand the dynamics of systems made by companies, as well as staff and individuals. During the course presented is approach to work in coaching and specific techniques of individual and team coaching. The purpose of education is to understand the sense of coaching, to gain knowledge and competences in working on setiing and achieving their own goals and customers. After graduating participants will be able to lecture coaching sessions on their own in accordance with international standards.

At the end of this course every participant will have high interpersonal and coaching skills, as well as extensive knowledge and skills in the field of coach’s competences:

• meeting the ethical guidelines and professional standards,
• creating of the coaching system,
• building trust and harmony with the client,
• the presence of coaching,
• active listening,
• influential questions,
• direct communication ,
• creating awareness,
• designing shares,
• planning and setting goals ,
• managing development and responsibility.

Knowing the tools and techniques used in professional coaching will let you lead the process of coaching your client professionally. He will perform his job by the code of his coach’s ethic.

The course is addressed to managers, coaches, trainers of internal organizations and the people associated with the formation of skills and attitudes of others, as well as to those who are interested in their own progress in coaching.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination