Cash register service

Salesperson at cash registerThe purpose of this course is to prepare future graduates to work with the cash register and to adapt as quickly as possible.

The domain of this course includes a lecture and the exercises of the cash register service, in order to gain the abilities of using one-standing set (cash register, bar code scanner, scale) and of using a proper software WF-Mag for Windows.

To graduate from this course we need to gain the knowledge about the regulations acts, to know how to sell goods using the cash register, and to perform our duties properly. This course is for people who want to work as a cashier, seller, bartender, waiter and office worker (selling and customer service). Thanks to this knowledge we can also became an entrepreneur.

Every participant of this course will gain high technical skills supported by extensive knowledge and skills in the field of cash register service competence:

• he uses basic fiscal’s vocabulary and expressions,
• he knows and employs the duties of cash register user properly,
• he operates a cash register and other useful devices,
• he knows, how to prepare a correction of receipt (storno) and report,
• he knows common mistakes and how to fix them,
• he services WF-Mag program (selling and customer service, sale and copy invoice).

Number of training hours

Duration of examination