Young bartender make cocktail shaking drinksA bartender is a person who prepares and serves everything that a restaurant or other club has in offer. He also takes orders and serves the guests at the bar, keeps the record and organizes his work, cooperates with other staff in order to meet up with the customers’ needs.

The duties of bartender depend on: standard of a workplace (bar, pub, café, drink-bar, bistro, restaurant, night-club, music-club, clubhouse), internal procedures for guests’ services and the structure of the company.

This course is aimed at people, who want work as a bartender and contains the following topics:

• accounting for used goods, semi-products goods, and trade goods,
• collecting receivables, daily income, and keeping the records of it,
• keeping the workplace clean and obeying healthy and safety at work requirements,
• cooperating with other staff, such as cooks, other bartenders or a manager,
• evaluating the quality of work,
• controlling the expiration dates of food,
• arranging the work and duties depending on the actual situation, such as the amount of guests, workers and work chart,
• organizing work in accordance to ergonomics’, safety and hygiene principles of workplace
• receiving goods, resources, semi-products and other culinary products to the bar as well as their storage in a proper way,
• preparing and serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, using different recipes (national and foreign) and techniques,
• operating various types of equipment and machines needed in order to make and storage food and beverages properly and healthy’ safe,
• serving guests at the bar, helping them to choose the best dishes and drinks from menu.

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