English for tour organisers

Tour organiserThe module is directed toward people who professionally work in tourism industry. This module is an element of the module VCC New Competences: Tour organiser, as well as the module VCC Select Competences.

The module develops industrial language skills. The participants will be able to help English-speaking clients after completing the 60-hour course. The presentation and sale of offers, after-sale service will not be an issue for them. The participants will also learn to prepare foreign product destination descriptions for catalogs. The main emphasis in the module is put upon mastering industry vocabulary and useful language phrases. Communication skills will ease cooperation with hotels while making reservations as well as carriers when booking tickets and making special requests. The course participants will also gain skills needed for job search: writing a cover letter and CV, conducting an interview and determining terms and conditions of the job.

During the training basic language skills are developed: listening, reading, speaking, writing on the level needed for performing the job of tourism coordinator.

Number of training hours

Duration of examination