English for office workers

Office WorkerEnglish for office workers – a programme designed for people who choose the career in office work in the English-speaking environment. It is a component of the VCC New Competences module: Office Worker, as well as an independent VCC Select Competences module.

The programme develops the command of English language in the area of the office environment. The communicational skills cover contacts with co-workers and superiors concerning work responsibilities and methods of work, as well as being a focal point for clients, assisting them both in face to face contacts and telephone conversations, along with handling correspondence. Career development skills cover exploring the job market, writing a CV and a covering letter, and conducting a job interview.

The module structure particularly emphasises mastering the vocabulary and expressions needed for work in an English-speaking country as well as dealing with clients who use English relevant to business. All the basic language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) are developed for the office staff language improvement along with cultural understanding.

Number of training hours

  • Suggested number of hours - 60

Duration of examination

  • 60 minutes - theoretical part
  • 60 minutes - practical part
Vocational english

Office Worker

  • Author: Bartosz Wańczyk
  • Publisher: VCC Foundation
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The purpose of this publication is to help you prepare for a career in office work by enhancing your English language skills necessary for this field. The book includes the basics that every office worker should know in order to coordinate the office chores, communicate with customers, organise meetings and conferences, and go through the job application process. It also contains a variety of exercises which will enable you to practice all language skills in realistic contexts.

 This course book contains preparatory materials for the New Competence VCC. It can also be used as an individual module in Select Competences.