English for freight forwarders

Freight forwardingThe module is intended for people who are professionally engaged in logistics and freight forwarding in an English-speaking environment. It is a component of the VCC New Competences module: logistics/freight forwarder as well as an independent VCC Select Competences module. Logistics/freight forwarders are people whose work is related to the distribution, supply and carriage of goods, both in and outside the country. In the era of constant globalization their contact with foreign contractors becomes crucial. The Module deepens knowledge of English necessary to perform professional tasks. It primarily focuses on communication skills and knowledge of terminology. The logistics / freight forwarders should be able to deal with situations typical for this occupation by demonstrating knowledge of vocabulary and phrases in the key areas of logistics and freight forwarding. Additional skills needed for job search: resume and cover letter writing, conducting an interview, and agreeing on conditions of employment.

The main emphasis in the module is put on learning of new vocabulary and professional phrases required for working in an English speaking country as well as with English speaking customers. All basic language skills are developed such as listening, reading, speaking and writing on a level necessary for the profession. The most important block elements include both specialized thematic issues of the industry as well as phrases used in interpersonal relations.

General language knowledge at the B1 level is a condition for the participation in the course.

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