English for florists

Florist_smallThis module is aimed at professional florists working in English-speaking environment. This module is not only an element of VCC Competences Florist profession, but also VCC Select Competences. It improves participants’ command of English and focuses especially on mastering professional communication skills. A florist should be able to communicate with customers and suppliers, deal with situations typical for this profession, e.g.: receiving orders, addressing, preparing bouquets, choosing flowers, knowing celebrations and occasions in a given country. Job-searching skills are also greatly important: writing a CV and a covering letter, participating in job interviews, and negotiating working conditions. The main emphasis in this module is placed on mastering professional vocabulary and phrases useful in working in an English-speaking country or with an English-speaking customer. All fundamental language skills necessary for working in the profession in question are developed: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Selected course elements:

  • receiving orders,
  • seasons, celebrations, and other occasions,
  • working tools, techniques, and materials,
  • addressing phrases,
  • looking for a job,
  • writing a CV and a covering letter,
  • job interview,
  • negotiating working conditions,

Number of training hours

Duration of examination