English for elderly carers

Elderly carer_smallProgram dedicated to elderly carers working in an English-speaking environment. It is a component of the VCC New Competences module: Elderly carer as well as an independent VCC Select Competences module.

The module provides knowledge of English necessary for the elderly carers with an emphasis on communication skills. Such a person should be able to communicate with people who are in her or his care and deal with situations typical for the profession such as an interview with their ward, feeding and preparing meals, administering medications, performing treatments, helping with household chores, performing first aid, and summoning assistance in emergency situations. Additional skills necessary for job search: resume and cover letter writing, conducting an interview and agreeing on conditions of employment.

The main emphasis in the module is put upon mastering professional vocabulary and language expressions that are needed for working in an English speaking country or with English speaking customers. All basic language skills are developed such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing on a level necessary for this profession.

Number of training hours

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