Sample certificates


Certyfikat_First aidVCC Certificate confirms the acquired professional qualifications. Receiving the certificate is possible after verifying the learning outcomes by passing theoretical practical and foreign language examinations.

The Certificate includes the following information:

  • Certificate holder’s name and surname and the birth day,
  • Certified Profession,
  • Certificate ID number,
  • Date of issue,
  • Europass and VCC Foundation logo.

download a certificate sample


Suplement_First aidComplements the VCC certificate. It includes detailed information not presented on the certificate. Such data is the indispensable element of the entire document.

The supplement includes the following information:

  • Certificate name,
  • Certificate name in source language,
  • Profile of skills and competences,
  • Basis for issuing the certificate,
  • Grading scale,
  • Course of teaching completed by receiver of the certificate.

The VCC Certificate supplement is based on the structure of the document common for all EU Europass countries: Vocational Training Certificate Supplement.

download a supplement sample