Tour organiser

beautiful young girl in the officeThe demand for tourist services generates the necessity for training highly qualified specialists who can meet growing expectations of our clients. Tourism coordinator is a person who deals with creating and implementing tourist products as well as providing tourist services. His tasks include investigating demand and creating travel services supply for domestic and foreign customers. Comprehensive module prepares specialists with expertise in both tourism organization and its operation.

VCC certificate holder in tourism coordinator profession is prepared to perform the following tasks:

  • customer service travel agent (presentation and sales of offers, after-sales services),
  • conducting business relating to the management of a travel agency,
  • working in the department of a specific product,
  • preparing the product destination descriptions for directories,
  • cooperating with hotels for making reservations as well as with carriers (ticket reservation, booking of special services).

Profession included in the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88 classification structure (number 4221)

Number of training hours

Duration of examination

Available in languages

  • GE, PL