Telemarketer_smallA telemarketer is a person who is responsible for selling a product or service over the phone, finding and communicating with clients and researching their needs.

A telemarketer has to create and update customer database, collect information about products or services, that are offered by a company and then give that information to another people, identify clients’s needs and choose the offers, sell the products or services, coordinate with other departments and transmit the information. A telemarketer calls companies and individuals, who are selected according to the specific criteria.

A telemarketer should be communicative, patient, stress- and monotony-resistant. He should have the predisposition to verbal communication: correct grammar and syntax of expression, tone and timbre of voice, diction, ability to use the so-called ‘positive language and the ability to show empathy’ because he talks on the phone all the time. A Telemarketer must know the rules of using computer’s equipment, how to use the appropriate software and the Internet. A major advantage is the ability to touch type. The telemarketer should have the ability to solve problems and make decisions easly. He should have the ability to active listening, to focus on the problems, persuasion and negotiation, and to control the conversation. The knowledge of foreign languages is also very important. Thanks to it he can talk naturally about various topics.

The final number of hours of this training depends on number of participants and their level of knowledge.

This course complies with the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-08 (number 5244).

Number of training hours

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