Sekretarka_smallA secretary is a person who has a key role in the complex system of business management. The main purpose in the job of a secretary is to relieve the president or the director from administration and office tasks. In the first place, a secretary collects, processes, and stores the information and documents that the company receives. The job of a secretary requires comprehensive knowledge, a sense of taste as well as initiative in many different situations. A person working in this position should have a number of essential skills and competencies.

The main responsibilities of a secretary include:

  • receiving visitors,
  • collecting and storing information,
  • receiving and connecting phone calls
  • E-mail service
  • conducting corporate communications (reception, recording, and sending mail)
  • sorting and forwarding correspondence to the individual departments in the company,
  • editing of documents and records,
  • keeping a record of the resolutions and orders of the board,
  • collecting and preparing materials for the boss
  • organizing business trips
  • maintaining a schedule of meetings and monitoring deadlines,
  • locating legal documents and their storage,
  • preparing conferences, gatherings, and meetings,
  • preparing snacks,
  • supplying the materials needed for the functioning of the office (ex: stationery, small office equipment, subscription to newspapers, social provision),
  • attending to cleanliness of both the secretary’s work space as well as the president’s office.

The secretary is an employee who aids his or her supervisor in administrative matters, correspondence, drafting memos, meeting appointments, and taking care of the guests. A secretary interfaces between the boss and staff and between the boss and customers, and also engages in other auxiliary activities. The secretary has a representative position in the company; he or she creates its image. The broader the scope of the duties of the boss, the higher the qualifications required from a secretary. The organization of the secretariat depends on the conditions in which the director works and makes decisions. The work of a secretary is versatile; it requires a lot of effort, a wide range of knowledge, skills, and self-initiative. Responsibilities include ??professional, personal, and interpersonal competencies. They are complemented by foreign language skills for welcoming guests and partners from abroad, making telephone calls, and working with correspondence in a foreign language.

The degree of assimilation of the subjects is verified by the substantive theory and practical examinations. Theory test is done using testing committee and includes examination and testing. The practical test is carried out by the trainer and is written as a set of problems.

Profession included in the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88 classification structure (number 4115)

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