Network administrator

Administrator sieci komputerowych_smallA database administrator is the person who is responsible for the proper functioning of the enterprise database system. Among others, its tasks will include:
• Database administration
• Database performance and capacity monitoring
• Installation of new versions of computer systems
• Creating and optimizing database queries

The complexity of modern database systems, advances in development tools used in connection with database technology, and constant technological innovations challenge the developers of database systems with new requirements, such as:

• Very good knowledge of SQL as well as PL/SQL
• Knowledge of relational database model
• Knowledge and ability to operate  the main database servers (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
• Knowledge of issues related to data warehousin

Interpersonal skills are also important elements of competencies of a database administrator. An administrator will work with people outside of the IT industry who do not have specialized technical knowledge, but will need to get certain data sets from the IT system. Because communication is of great importance,  database administrators are recommended to participate in communication and social skills workshops, which can significantly improve communication in everyday work.

The final number of training hours depends on the size of the group and their level of knowledge of professional issues.

Profession included in the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88 classification structure (number 2523).

Number of training hours

Duration of examination