Freight forwarder

Confident Supervisor With Book At WarehouseOccupation combines two very important professions (logistics and freight forwarder), which are largely based on practical knowledge. Different approaches of improving the flow of goods and their distribution often arise in practice. Those approaches are then used in other areas of management.

Nowadays Polish companies infuse modern logistics management methods on a massive scale. Because of that there a constant need for employees who have abilities to manage logistics, transport, or freight forwarding. Logistics employee is responsible for efficient flow of goods from sources of their production to the final recipient. After proper training, the candidate is able to manage and control the process and continually improve it, so that the recipient receives finished product exactly when needed, quickly, and at the lowest possible cost.

A Freight Forwarder deals with organizing transport, managing fleet, determining shipping instructions and information handouts for clients as well as organizing unloading and loading. He also draws up contracts with clients, national and international partners, and discusses methods and place of cargo delivery. Additionally he is responsible for duty settlement, fills out the customs forms, arranges customs clearance of goods imported from abroad or exported from the country, organizes loading and unloading of goods. Moreover, he is familiar with supply and demand on logistics market.

Currently, logistics experts and freight forwarders are needed in almost every area of the economy. Freight Forwarder can work as a specialist in domestic and international freight forwarding, a shipping clerk, warehouse or loading manager, a salesperson for forwarding services, a dispatcher, transport organizer, a specialist of sales and demand forecasting, fleet manager, logistics specialist, a head of freight forwarding, etc.

They find employment in a variety of businesses including production, trade and services in the field of logistics management and transport companies, forwarding companies offering packages and logistics services. Knowledge of logistics allows them to perform work related to distribution, supply, transportation and supplies. This field is called supply chain management. Demand for logistics specialists is reported by foreign companies, as well as more and more Polish companies.

A person employed as freight forwarder-logistics should have excellent people skills, resistance to stress, the ability to learn quickly, analytical skills, divisibility of attention and concentration as well as responsibility and accuracy. Working conditions in this profession are not harmful, but can be stressful and challenging when quick decisions have to be made. Additionally, the profession of freight forwarder/ logistics involves frequent business travels. What is more, specific health requirements are not needed.

Freight forwarders can increase their professional skills by participating in a variety of additional courses, training and industry seminars. Magazines and reports as well as logistics associations may assist a graduate in professional development.

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