Elderly carer

Senior woman with her home caregiverThis is a completely new profession and its specific character requires outstanding interpersonal competences. Due to this fact, in our course we put particular emphasis not only on knowledge and practice, but also on elements of interpersonal relations. This profession, unlike any other job, requires emotional engagement and knowing human psyche. The prepared certification programme is based on relevant information acquired from elderly people looking for competent carers to help them in dealing with everyday problems.

The subject area covering theoretical information verifiable at a theoretical examination includes such topics as: basic elements of psychology, gerontology, rudiments of psychiatry, dietetics, cooking, rudiments of hygiene and nursing, first aid and medical service, interpersonal communication, ethics in carer’s profession, information on industrial and fire safety. Furthermore, in the theoretical field, training participants will develop their computer skills, learn how to use basic software as well as tools and devices for processing information.

The practical field completes with professional examination, which includes tasks and exercises based on course participants’ theoretical background. Each participant, supervised by a placement tutor, carries out activities specified by the subject area including also cooperation with an employer (apprenticeship in Social Welfare Centres, hospitals, in houses of elderly people designated by proper organs, etc.)

All participants take part in a foreign language course. Firstly, they learn general language and after that they learn specialist vocabulary and profession-related expressions.

Profession included in the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88 classification structure (number 3412)

Number of training hours

Duration of examination

Available in languages

  • TR, SRB, PL