Child carer

Child with teacher draw paints in play room.Child Care is a new, immensely difficult and responsible occupation. It requires good preparation and responsible choice of skills. Due to this fact, certification frameworks for this profession were created as a result of cooperation of experts in psychology and pedagogy. While choosing content-related aspects, such issues as counselling, carrying out hygienic and nursing treatments for children as well as creating the right development and child security were taken into account.

 Developing theoretical and practical education was based on such elements as:

  • Planning care, nursing and educational counselling work based on own observation and conversations with parents
  • Playing with children while simultaneously taking the proper child development into account (games involving usage of manipulating, movement and constructing skills as well as music, art and speech development classes)
  • Preparing selected educational resources for specific games and educational activities
  • Supervising a child proper development and its security, including providing the right equipment, meeting the deadlines of visits to the doctor
  • Providing a child with hygienic and nursing treatments, e.g. washing and bathing
  • Preparing meals according to the principles of healthy eating
  • Feeding a child and preparing it for independence; making baby bedding, changing nappies, developing child’s hygiene habits
  • Giving medicines according to the doctor’s orders, carrying out simple medicinal treatments such as disinfection and dressing as well as performing first aid in emergencies.
  • Taking care of decor and hygiene of interiors where children stay.

 The described profession includes such skills as providing appropriate nursing care for the developmentally and physically disabled children who need the babysitter to have particular interpersonal and psychological skills.

Candidates who would like to verify their knowledge by taking the certificate examination will also acquire computer and foreign language skills. The latter will especially include vocabulary involving the professional jargon.

Profession included in the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88 classification structure (number 5311)

Number of training hours

Duration of examination

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  • EN, PL