Description of the certification system

VCC New Competences module provides an opportunity to develop new professional competences and receive a certificate confirming the already acquired competences. Professions subject to certification process are compliant with The International Standard Classification of Occupations, ISCO-08.

Training and certification scheme does not only include theoretical knowledge but also practical professional skills, foreign language professional jargon as well as computer skills, it can be stated that the VCC system is extremely innovative.

 In order to get the VCC New Competences certificate, a candidate must pass all examinations covering the following areas:

  • theoretical professional competences,
  • practical vocational competences,
  • personal and social competences,
  • foreign language competences,
  • IT competences.

The percentage amount that each competence is incorporated into the exam depends on the profession specification and is defined in the profession description. Marks for each competence are indicated as a percentage value and arithmetic average. These marks determine the final mark on the certificate. A supplement is given as an annex to the certificate. It shows the particular results achieved in the different fields of competences, with the highlighted domains that were included in the exam. The supplement is particularly important for an employer, as analysis of the supplement can show the background of the jobseeker’s competences to work at a specific post.