Digital Competences

VCC Digital Competences Exam verifies the level of digital competences of candidates.

Digital competences are understood as a set of skills ensuring effective use of electronic media i.e. both IT skills (hardware, software) and Information searching skills (looking for information in different sources to process and use according to individual needs). Digital competences encompass a very broad set of skills influencing quick and aware usage of new technologies as well as active participation in life of information society.

The framework of information and IT competences have been created in the EU DIGCOMP project (Digital Competence Framework). This framework includes 5 areas and 21 competences on three levels of proficiency A, B and C.


The cost of exams divided into specific areas and levels of proficiency

Area A B C
Information    100,00 PLN    120,00 PLN    150,00 PLN
Communication    100,00 PLN    120,00 PLN    150,00 PLN
Content Creation    100,00 PLN    120,00 PLN    150,00 PLN
Safety    100,00 PLN    120,00 PLN    150,00 PLN
Problem solving    100,00 PLN    120,00 PLN    150,00 PLN

*Discounts available with bigger orders.


1.1 Browsing, searching and filtering information

1.2 Evaluating Information

1.3 Storing and retrieving information


2.1 Interacting through technologies

2.2 Sharing information and content

2.3 Engaging in online citizenship

2.4 Collaborating through digital channels

2.5 Netiquette

2.6 Managing digital identity

Content creation

3.1 Developing content

3.2 Integrating and re-elaborating

3.3 Copyright and Licences

3.4 Programming


4.1 Protecting devices

4.2 Protecting personal data

4.3 Protecting health

4.4 Protecting the environment

Problem solving

5.1 Solving technical problems

5.2 Identifying needs and technological responses

5.3 Innovating and creatively using technology

5.4 Identifying digital competence gaps