career adviser

VCC careers advisers are centred at VCC Foundation. They run activities for Education Academies. Careers advisers recognize professional predispositions and advise on choosing, changing or defining either a career path, so that it would correspond with the current labour market needs, or education path, so that it would meet both current and future labour market needs.

A client and a careers adviser mutually prepare Individual Plans of Development that would allow the client to select such an area of study and efficient methods of looking for or changing employment that would meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Careers adviser’s knowledge and experience may be helpful and inspiring in making changes in HR management, both in small and large enterprises.

In order to become a member of VCC community, one must have a VCC careers adviser certificate. This document can be received after passing examination.

Detailed procedures of accrediting VCC careers advisers can be found on the following website.

Costs of partnership
Type of payment Amount
Coasts of career adviser accreditation 125 EUR