Academy of education

Academy of EducationAcademy of Education delivers teaching in accordance with the VCC standard. The status of Academy of Education can be obtained by:

  • training institutions,
  • regional labour market institutions,
  • continuing education institutions,
  • vocational schools (basic vocational schools and material secondary schools),
  • associations of employers,
  • other institutions and companies, once they have fulfilled the requirements of VCC verification.

Formal conditions that must be fulfilled to acquire the status of Academy of Education are:

  • delivering teaching based on training materials compliant with VCC standard,
  • providing qualified teaching personnel authorized to deliver courses in specific professional areas,
  • providing VCC Consultant who is a person well informed in VCC system,
  • signing a licence agreement for one year period,
  • providing proper infrastructure necessary for delivering teaching.

Academy of Education can use materials provided by Regional Academy or present its own materials in order to authorize them. After meeting procedural requirements, Academy of Education receives a certificate with a supplement including a list of professional courses that can be delivered by particular Academy.

Academy of Education performs promotional and marketing activities as well as recruits VCC Trainers and VCC Careers Advisers. Academy of Education guarantees properly delivered education services.





Costs of partnership
Type of payment Amount
Costs of one year licence for Academy of Education 100 EUR
VCC Trainer accreditation from one module 125 EUR
VCC Consultant accreditation 0 EUR